Our Place is a day-time drop in shelter in Morristown for the homeless, providing a place for the homeless to get off the streets, to have coffee, and to learn about public and private programs that may be able to help. Our Place, founded in1995 and incorporated in year 2000, is a not for profit 501c(3) organization, registered in the State of New Jersey.

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Zamir Hassan, President Board of Trustee says, "A unique aspect of Our Place is its involvement of clients. Clients and former clients are seen as a part of the family and are encouraged, together with board members, community supporters and volunteers, to help find solutions that work. The current Vice president and operations manager both are former clients of Our Place". 

Former Our Place client and current Vice president of board of trustees, James Oppenheimer says "Our program is functional and running well. The number of clients who depend on our services indicate that."

"The key we feel to our growth is including more people and more segments of the community in our organization and its mission," said Hassan. "We are expanding our board membership." Hassan also noted that the board plans to be more proactive in going out to the community. "We're not going to wait for people to learn about us and come to us' we're going to go to them," explained Hassan. "We feel providing a day-time place for the homeless is not only of benefit to the homeless person, but also to our community, both its business and social life."

Bi-Monthly Open House: We  Started Open House program on every third Thursday of every other month starting on August 20th. 2008. The Open House program invites for lunch all public and private poverty support service organization officials, faith based institutions, local business, media and OP consumers. The purpose to this program is to bring all stakeholders together to help OP, plan and implement new policies and program. 

Wrap Around Services Project: OP has a partnership with a Morristown base not for profit organization known as "People Helping People in Need Inc."(PHPIN); a Wrap-around services provider to help OP clients. PHPIN provides a myriad of vocational and educational services specifically designed for the homeless, mentally ill, disabled and substance dependent. PHPIN acts as an advocate and liaison for the mentally ill, disabled and substance dependent population and encourages their independence through the procurement of vocational and educational skills and placement within the communities in which they reside. Through joint collaborative efforts, we will coordinate needed services for mentally ill, disabled and substance dependent, allowing us to maximize limited resources, avoid the duplication of services to our clients and increase the mentally ill disabled and substance dependent population's access to support services.

Health Clinic:
 OP has partnered with Zufall health Center to provide local health consulting and treatment services. Health practitioners from Zufall clinic outreach at OP regularly to sign up the OP clients.

Board of Advisers: OP has also formed 2 new boards; Board of Advisors and Board of Governers to help OP board of trustees to reach out the community-at-large and provide feed back on various program OP is running.

Hispanic Case Manager: Father Osvaldo Jimmenez of First Baptist Hispanic church in Morristown has joined OP as a volunteer case manager and is working on-site with OP clients every Wednesday.

Book Club/Store: OP has launched a program consists of a used book sale that will take place weekly outside the church. We hope passers by will make a donation when picking up a used book, we also hope it will accomplish another goal, “Raises Awareness in people about homelessness". The next step will be to set up an Our Place Inc. used book store/club on Amazon.com. Doing so we could create jobs for clients in such areas as packaging, and shipping and handling. OP hopes to work with the faith based institution to collect used books from their congregations and participate in this project.

Community Garden: OP clients are starting a project to create a community garden which will provide some activity for the OP family and also provide some stuff to add in their meals.

Drive Against Hunger with Hunger Van:
Volunteers from Faith, and Community Institutions  help collect/prepare food  and Provide food directly to the needy, ill, or children in the form of meals or food boxes as an ongoing part of the program. The Hunger Van project's goal is to bring food to where the need is and not necessarily where the resource is. We have many feeding projects that use local volunteer facilities such as kitchens where volunteers meet, prepare and distribute the meals on premises. However many times the facility and or volunteers aren’t where the real need is! Therefore, with the HUNGER VAN project, we can utilize available resources, without worry about logistics and deliver meals directly where the need is

For more information please contact:
Zamir Hassan
President Board of Trustee